Gurilandia International School, Pituba Campus

Early Years & Elementary School Education - Ages 1 to 9

With a track record of more than 60 years of successful student outcomes and achievements, our Pituba campus, featuring outstanding, purpose-built facilities, can offer your child unlimited global opportunities and a premium learning experience.

At our school in Pituba, we prepare our students to achieve their full potential with an unparalleled bilingual education in English and Portuguese, enabling them to attain a native proficiency level. Our effective curriculum, blending best-proven educational practices from around the world, seamlessly integrates the globally recognized IB Primary Years Program with the Brazilian national curriculum. This distinctive approach, coupled with an extensive array of in-house activities spanning academic enrichment, arts, sports, technology, and emotional skills training, provides your child with a robust foundation of knowledge and skills. This ensures their success in future academic stages and opens doors to opportunities at the best universities and career fields.

Why Choose Our School in Pituba, Salvador?

Our school in Pituba has been recognized as a leading institution for Early Childhood Education in Salvador by the TOP of Mind Award.

Gurilandia and Land School is the only brand of schools in the region to provide the IB Continuum programs from the Primary Years (PYP) to the Diploma Programme (DP). Alongside advanced pedagogical methodologies, including the Reggio Emilia approach that fosters children's autonomy and critical thinking, the IB PYP establishes a robust foundation of knowledge and 21st-century skills. This preparation allows students to compete on a global scale, opening a world of opportunities for personal development, university studies, and future careers.

Our Pituba campus boasts brand-new, purpose-built facilities to maximize students' holistic development. These outstanding facilities enable us to provide an extensive and engaging extracurricular offer for students to unleash their talents and potential. With our committed teachers setting high standards for each student and inspiring them to go the extra mile, your child will be prepared for a lifetime of success in Brazil and abroad.

Best Education in Pituba

IB & Brazilian Curriculum

Children benefit from unlimited opportunities within the IB program, securing admittance to leading universities & careers worldwide

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Bilingual Education & Global Mindset

Our students become bilingual, develop future-ready skills & an international mindset that sets them on a path to global success

Pituba International School Educational Programs

Brand New Facilities & Extensive Extracurriculars

Pupils take advantage of our newly built facilities to discover their interests & develop their talents in a wealth of activities

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Top Global Resources for Enhanced Learning

All learners have access to the best worldwide resources, tools & approaches to maximize their skills and potential

Academic Stages at Gurilandia Pituba

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Premium Education in Pituba for Exemplary Outcomes

At Gurilandia Pituba, students receive an exceptional combination of Brazilian and international education from the globally renowned IB Primary Years Program. Our holistic educational programs for Early Years and Elementary School encompass academics, sports, arts, emotional intelligence, and technology. Our exclusive curriculum is further enriched with proven best methodologies and approaches from leading institutions worldwide, such as Columbia University Writing Workshops. Students develop a future-ready skillset, including adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication abilities, as well as an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. Alongside our bilingual approach, this solid foundation leads our students toward academic and personal achievement.

With an education from Gurilandia Pituba, students will be prepared to succeed in their future studies within the IB pathway, the Brazilian curriculum, and beyond.

Facilities to Maximize Each Child's Potential at Pituba Campus

With innovative, brand-new facilities, the Gurilandia Pituba Campus in the bustling Magalhães Neto Avenue in Salvador has been carefully planned to enhance each child’s potential in academics and beyond. With fully equipped, purpose-designed facilities and a nurturing community to guide your child toward success, our extensive campus spreads over 4,000+ m², with 2525 m² of leisure spaces and vast green areas.

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Pituba International Schools Campus

New & Fully-equipped Classrooms

Early Years children in Pituba enjoy spacious classrooms with furniture that encourages mobility and refines motor skills. They can explore our wide range of carefully selected educational toys inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, fostering their curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving, leading to effective learning.

For Elementary School students, classrooms are modern, flexible, and interactive, allowing for both individual and group work. All are equipped with the latest technology tools to develop future-ready digital skills in our students.

Pituba Schools for Bilingual Education

Stimulating Arts & Technology Spaces

Children at our school in Pituba are encouraged to explore new interests and cultivate their talents in different artistic disciplines. For this purpose, we offer exclusive visual and performing arts rooms on campus where students are guided by specialist teachers both within the curriculum and in extracurricular activities. They can also utilize the school auditorium for school presentations and shows, and experiment with cutting-edge technology tools to develop innovative projects in the maker space room.

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State-of-the-art Sports Facilities

Sports are an essential pillar of a Gurilandia education. All children at the Pituba campus benefit from motivating lessons and fun extracurricular activities to enhance their talents and skills in different sports, which they can practice in our fully equipped sports courts. Our students develop a passion for physical activity, and we instill healthy lifestyle habits from the early years.

Private Pituba Schools student activities

Extensive Common Areas

Our Pituba Campus offers an array of communal spaces for socialization and play. These include expansive playgrounds, with a covered area for when it rains, a school library, two secure parks, and a cafeteria serving healthy and delicious meals every day.

Extensive Extracurricular Options at Pituba Campus

At our school in Pituba, Salvador, Early Years and Elementary School students benefit from an array of fun and enriching in-house extracurricular activities, spanning arts, sports, technology, and personal development options that foster their comprehensive growth. By participating in these activities, students discover new interests and cultivate their talents while developing healthy habits, discipline, resilience, and teamwork.

Activities include musical theatre, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, capoeira, futsal, flag football, and happy code.

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