Gurilandia International School, Federação Campus

Early Years & Elementary School Education - Ages 1 to 11

For over 60 years, our school in Federação has successfully prepared multiple generations of Salvador's brightest young learners, helping them discover their unique talents and achieve excellent results within our nurturing school environment. We have inspired students to dream big, equipping them with the skills to fulfill their aspirations both inside and outside the classroom.

At our school, we are committed to continually improving our offer by incorporating the world's best practices in education. We were the first to offer an IB Certification in northeast Brazil — the globally recognized IB Primary Years Program. Gurilandia stands out as the only school in the state of Bahia to provide the complete IB Continuum pathway, offering students unlimited global opportunities for future university studies and careers worldwide.

To this day, we receive the children and grandchildren of our esteemed alumni, who continue to choose Gurilandia to offer the best education to the next generation of lifelong learners.

Why Choose Our Bilingual School in Federação, Salvador?

Gurilandia Federação is proud to be ranked as a leading institution for Early Childhood Education in Salvador, an honor received through the TOP of Mind Award.

At our private school in Federação, an immersive bilingual education supports students to attain a native level of English, well above Brazilian standards. Our holistic curriculum provides the best of the traditional Brazilian curriculum alongside the globally respected IB Primary Years Program and best-proven practices from international curricula worldwide. This exclusive approach leads to exemplary student outcomes, setting a solid foundation for success in the subsequent academic stages of the IB Continuum and beyond.

With our state-of-the-art facilities for academics, sports, technology, and the arts, our students can unleash and cultivate their talents and passions both within the curriculum and in our extensive extracurricular offer. At the same time, they develop the most in-demand skills to compete on a global scale.

Best Education in Federacao

IB & Brazilian Curriculum

Our students have unlimited global opportunities within the IB pathway & gain access to top universities & careers worldwide

Best Bilingual Education in Federacao

Bilingual Education & International Mindset

Learners become bilingual, gain 21st-century skills & develop a global mindset that empowers them to succeed anywhere

Educational Programs at Federacao International School

Extensive Extracurricular Offer & Top Facilities

Children benefit from purpose-built, modern facilities to explore their interests & cultivate unique talents in a wide range of activities

Federacao Private Education

World-Class Resources to Maximize Learning

All students have access to the best global resources, tools & methodologies to take their skills & potential to the next level

Academic Stages at Gurilandia Federação

Exemplary Approaches for Top Outcomes at Our School in Federação

Our bilingual school in Federação, Salvador integrates top educational methodologies from some of the best institutions around the world. Our preschool approach is inspired by the renowned Reggio Emilia philosophy, in which children take an active role in their learning journey, developing autonomy, proactivity, and problem-solving skills.

In Elementary School, we blend the excellence of Singapore Mathematics and the Reading and Writing Workshops from Columbia University with the traditional Brazilian curriculum and the IB PYP program, fusing tradition and innovation to create the most effective educational offer.

In addition to top academic and linguistic skills, Gurilandia Federação students develop a holistic knowledge base spanning the arts, sports, technology, and emotional intelligence.

Outstanding Facilities to Nurture Talents at Federação Campus

Our campus in Federação has been specially designed to bring out the best in every student, ensuring they can reach their full potential in all areas. With fully equipped facilities supporting each child’s learning journey, Federação is the largest Gurilandia campus, covering an impressive 4,200 m² site, enveloped by extensive green areas and 2,000 m² of recreational space. Our unique environment within an exclusive residential neighborhood in Salvador helps connect students with nature.

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Federacao International School Campus

Modern, Fully Equipped, and Interactive Classrooms

In inspiring classrooms with furniture that encourages mobility, our preschoolers in Federação can play and learn from carefully selected educational toys in line with the Reggio Emilia pedagogical approach. These contribute to children being open to new experiences, and developing creativity, curiosity, and a solution-oriented mindset.

With technology integration to develop 21st-century digital skills, our Elementary education classrooms allow for different lesson styles, including collaboration, project work, and autonomous study.

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Extensive Sports Facilities

Sports play a key role in our educational approach. We inspire our students to develop a love for physical activity while fostering healthy habits from an early age. All children benefit from lessons and fun extracurricular activities to cultivate their talents and skills in different sports, which they practice in our swimming pool and state-of-the-art sports courts.

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Inspiring Arts & Technology Rooms

Guided by specialist teachers, children in Federação can also discover and develop their unique talents in visual and performing arts in purpose-developed rooms both within the curriculum and in enriching extracurricular opportunities. They can also access the school auditorium for presentations and events, and explore the cutting-edge technology tools in our maker space room to work on innovative projects.

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Common Areas

Our Federação Campus offers several communal spaces for interaction and exploration, with extensive playgrounds, including a covered playground for rainy days. Our state-of-the-art facilities also include a library, a school cafeteria serving healthy meals daily, and three secure parks.

Federacao International School students

Inspiring Extracurricular Offerings at Gurilandia Federação

At our school in Federação, Salvador, we support students in nurturing their minds, bodies, and souls, fostering healthy habits for life. Early Years and Elementary School students enjoy a variety of engaging in-house extracurricular activities to promote their holistic growth.

Activities include guitar lessons, jazz, musical theatre, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, judo, capoeira, futsal, volleyball, swimming and happy code.

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