The Value of Exceptional Early-Stage Education

Investing in good early years and primary education can make a massive difference in a child's preparation and results in subsequent educational stages, as well as in their future prospects beyond school.

With a heritage of over 60 years of success, Gurilandia students receive the best of traditional Brazilian and international education, developing bilingual skills in English and Portuguese. We are the only institution in Bahia to offer the IB Continuum programs, renowned for developing solution-oriented learners with the most in-demand life skills. Our robust curriculum empowers students to study and work anywhere in the world.

Inspiring children to strive for excellence in academics, arts, sports, technology, and emotional intelligence, our pedagogical approach is supported by extensive, modern facilities tailored to their specific needs. With a Gurilandia education, your child will be fully prepared to excel in their future studies and their personal endeavors.

Terms of Payment

Tuition fees are payable at the beginning of the academic year, either monthly or upfront for the full year. The School accepts payment in Brazilian Reais.

Please note that the monthly fee covers the core educational expenses and does not include costs related to meals, extracurricular activities, uniforms, and specific teaching materials. For more information, please reach out to the Admissions Team.

Please find our 2024 fees below.

2024 Fees

Early Years (Group 1 to Group 3) R$ 3.258,00 per month
Early Years (Group 4 to Group 5) R$ 3.449,00 per month
Lower School - Elementary I (1st to 5th Grade) R$ 4.254,00 per month

Sporting & Full Day Fees 2024

Children's Sports R$ 370.00
Primary Sports R$ 410.00
Children's Full Day - 5 days (5.30pm) R$ 1,735.00
Children's Full Day - 5 days (3.30pm) R$ 1,500.00
Children's Full Day - 4 days (5.30pm) R$ 1,415.00
Children's Full Day - 4 days (3.30pm) R$ 1,225.00
Children's Full Day - 3 days (5.30pm) R$ 1,270.00
Children's Full Day - 3 days (3.30pm) R$ 1,100.00
Children's Full Day - 2 days (3.30pm) R$ 975,00

Discover How You Can Benefit from a 20% Discount

At Gurilandia, we are pleased to offer an amazing 20% discount on tuition fees for new Early Years Education students enrolled in the afternoon shift through unique partnerships. These include:

  • AMPEB - Associação do Ministério Público da Bahia
  • AMAB - Associação dos Magistrados da Bahia
  • ADEP - Associação dos Defensores Públicos da Bahia
  • OAB - Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil
  • ABM - Associação Bahiana de Medicina
  • APUB - Sindicato dos Professores das Instituições Federais do Ensino Superior da Bahia
  • MUTUA - Caixa de Assistência dos Profissionais do Crea
  • AMO HORTO - Associação dos Moradores do Horto Florestal
  • SINDIFISCO NACIONAL – Sindicato Nacional Auditores-Fiscais da Receita Federal Brasil
  • ADPEB/Sindicato – Sindicato dos Delegados de Polícia do Estado da Bahia
  • APEB – Associação dos Procuradores do Estado da Bahia

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