Group 1 to 4TH year

Pituba Open Day

You are our special guest to learn more about Gurilândia International School.

Our institution was founded in 1960 by the renowned educator Vera Maria Pinho Teixeira and, since then, it has become a reference in Brazilian and international education.

Committed to multicultural citizenship in training children capable of facing life’s challenges, Guri has become an international and bilingual school, certified worldwide by the International Baccalaureate (IB). In our space, we welcome children from Early Childhood Education (from 1 year old) to Elementary School I and II (Land School).

Love and welcome are the hallmarks of Gurilândia, which is always open to new things and concerned with the formation of global citizens, without, however, abandoning the fundamental values ​​of its essence.

Address: Gurilândia Pituba, Av. Miguel Navarro y Canizares, Nº11, Pituba, CEP: 41810-215