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Wholesome & Nourishing Meals to Enhance Your Child's Performance

Students perform better academically and physically if their meals are healthy, wholesome, and nutritiously balanced. Their overall motivation and attention span will also improve from the social experience of sitting around a table and eating together with their friends.

At Gurilandia, we instill healthy eating habits from the early years for children's long-term well-being. To provide our students with the most complete and healthy meals, Gurilandia's lunch menus are meticulously prepared following the recommendations of a specialized nutritionist. These menus adhere to fundamental nutritional principles, using only fresh ingredients, and are tailored to the needs of each age group. Parents receive the monthly menus in advance via email.

More Information about Our Lunch Service

Meals are served daily at the school cafeteria self-service buffet at a fee, including a nutritious lunch, juice, and a healthy dessert. Families benefit from a convenient credit system for lunch payment, allowing children to reload as often as needed. If your child has any dietary requirements or allergies, please inform a member of staff so we can accommodate their needs. Students can also bring their lunch from home.

Rigorous control measures are in place to ensure our exceptional standards of quality and hygiene are maintained in the kitchen and cafeteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team should you have any questions regarding our lunch service and monthly menus.

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