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Early Years Education | Ages 1 to 5

Our kindergarten in Salvador, recognized as a leading preschool in the region by the prestigious TOP of Mind Awards for excellence, offers unrivaled bilingual early years education.

At Gurilandia, children receive a solid, well-structured, and purposeful Early Years program in English and Portuguese in a happy and nurturing environment. This is a critical stage for them to become bilingual native speakers, as well as to shape their unique character traits and individual talents.

The Early Years curriculum is adapted from the IB Primary Years Program, the Brazilian curriculum, and the Reggio Emilia approach, inspiring all children to go the extra mile. Our strong reputation underscores our commitment to providing the best quality education, successfully preparing each child for a smooth transition to Elementary School.

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Why Choose Our Kindergartens in Salvador, Bahia?

Our bilingual preschools in Pituba and Federação are certified by the IB Organization to teach the IB Primary Years Program (PYP), a globally respected course that prepares well-rounded students to excel in their future endeavors. Offered from ages 3 to 11, the PYP ensures a seamless transition and learning continuity between pre-primary and Elementary School. Furthermore, it equips students not only for the challenges of the Brazilian program but also for excellence in the IB pathway later on.

At Gurilandia kindergarten, children are immersed in the English language and learn through play with structured activities, providing them with a competitive head start.

With specialist classes, including arts, sports, technology, and emotional intelligence, our dedicated teachers guide our young pupils to develop socially, mentally, and physically, gaining valuable 21st-century skills. Additionally, learners are encouraged to discover their passions and cultivate their talents through inspiring extracurricular activities.

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Kindergarten School Options in Pituba & Federação

We care about the well-being of our families, who can have busy daily routines. To accommodate different schedules and needs, parents can choose between two shifts for their children to attend our kindergarten in Salvador:

  • Morning option, from 8:00am to 12:00pm
  • Afternoon option, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Children aged 3 and older who are enrolled in the morning option can also extend their hours. Families may choose to have extended hours daily or selectively between two and five times a week based on their specific needs.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Reggio-Emilia Approach

The Early Years program at Gurilandia Preschool in Salvador, Bahia follows an inquiry-based learning inspired by the Primary Years Programme. With this approach, our experienced teachers guide children to reach their true potential at each development stage, while gaining self-awareness and discovering new interests, passions, and talents. As a result, our young learners develop autonomy, critical thinking, and relational skills.

The curriculum covers different subjects and themes, which are developed both in English and Portuguese.

IB Primary Years Program

From the age of 3, our Early Childhood Education in Salvador follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) framework combined with the Brazilian curriculum for the Early Years stage. The PYP equips students to be active participants in a lifelong learning journey by exploring different transdisciplinary subjects, ensuring a smooth transition to Elementary School.

Specialist Classes

Our preschoolers explore new learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, using didactic and engaging materials. To enrich their learning experience, they benefit from art, music, storytelling, and physical education classes. Music and P.E. classes are taught by specialist teachers.

Emotional Intelligence Classes

Gurilandia places a strong emphasis on emotional education and regulation. Our Early Years curriculum features Emotional Intelligence and Ethical Co-existence classes, equipping children to navigate the delicate balance between knowledge and emotions effectively.

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Immersion in Languages at Preschool Age

At our bilingual preschool in Salvador, language development plays a central role in the teaching and learning process. Both English and Portuguese are instructional languages, fostering content and cognitive development in various subjects, with literature in both languages included in the curriculum. This immersive approach allows children to learn English and Portuguese through different school subjects.

In our Early Childhood Education programs in Pituba and Federação, from K2 onward, children spend an equal amount of time learning each language. From group 5 onwards, students are expected to communicate exclusively in English during English-taught lessons.


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A Nurturing Kindergarten Environment

Our bilingual kindergarten in Salvador provides the ideal learning environment for the best student outcomes, both inside and outside the classroom. Each child feels valued and supported in all aspects of their education by highly experienced, caring teachers, who motivate and challenge them to advance their learning, explore new interests, and cultivate their talents.

One of the best ways to enhance young pupils' performance levels and learning outcomes at this early stage is by ensuring they feel valued and safe. Gurilandia is renowned for its affectionate and nurturing Early Years community, fostering a home-from-home environment that contributes to the success of this adaptation stage and beyond. This is further enhanced by the close relationships and effective communication between children, staff, and families.


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Kindergarten Teachers

In our preschool in Salvador, experienced educators act as role models for our young pupils, instilling solid values and a love for learning. With strong work ethics and high emotional intelligence, they employ a variety of strategies to bring out the best in every learner.

Our passionate and caring teachers create a nurturing atmosphere for each child's holistic development, providing individualized attention to their needs and interests. Committed to fostering children’s well-being and establishing a robust knowledge foundation, our teachers ensure exceptional preparation for success in the next stages of their education.

Preschool Facilities in Pituba & Federação

Our kindergarten facilities are purpose-designed to enhance learning and bring children closer to the natural elements. In our Pituba Campus, all facilities are brand new.

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Purpose-designed Classrooms

Young learners benefit from fully-equipped classrooms with specific furniture that encourages mobility, along with carefully selected educational toys promoting curiosity, experimentation, autonomy, communication, and leadership.

Rooms for Arts & Technology

Additionally, to help them become more confident and resourceful, infants can take advantage of the school auditorium for presentations and shows, explore our maker space room's cutting-edge tools for technology projects, and have classes in our music and visual arts rooms to discover and cultivate new talents.

Sports Facilities & Common Areas

As sports play an important role in our educational approach, our preschoolers can enjoy a swimming pool and sports courts to develop an active lifestyle while gaining a passion for physical activity. They also have access to a covered playground, three parks, the school library, and a cafeteria.

Additional Services at Our Preschool in Salvador

Our Early Years families can choose from a wide range of inspiring extracurricular sports activities both at Pituba and Federação educational centers. Visit the Extracurriculars page for more information on the activities available at each campus.

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