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Gurilandia International School is a member of the Inspired Education Group. Inspired is one of the largest and most innovative education groups in the world, with over 110 premium schools on 5 continents, offering excellence in academics, sports, and the arts to more than 80,000 students from 1 to 18 years old.

At Gurilandia, we aim to equip children with the confidence and skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing world. As an Inspired School, we offer students international best practices in education, access to a global learning community, unique exchange opportunities, and summer programs.

Our teachers are carefully selected to fit our high educational standards. Inspired schools are among the best-performing schools in the world, with many achieving top-ranking positions. Inspired students not only attain excellent academic results but also graduate from the best universities in Brazil and worldwide, ready to compete on a global scale.

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Inspired's Three Pillars of Education

As a member of the Inspired Education Group, Gurilandia is committed to providing an outstanding educational program based on a combination of innovation and tradition, offering children much more than just academics. Our curriculum fosters subject knowledge, the application of wide-ranging study skills, dynamic learning experiences, and the ability to transfer understanding to several different practical contexts.

Our approach to excellence in education, with a strong international curriculum, active learning methodologies, and wide-ranging art, sports, and emotional skills training perfectly aligns with Inspired's 3 pillars - Academics, Sports, and Performing and Creative Arts. Each student's individuality is stimulated through a holistic program, ensuring that they can reach their full academic and personal potential and thrive.

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Academic Excellence

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