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Gurilandia International School is authorized by the IB Organization to offer the Primary Years Program (PYP), the initial stage of the globally recognized IB Continuum. The PYP provides a globally challenging framework with rigorous assessments, equipping students with intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to stand out in our fast-paced, globalized world.

The PYP is a program for ambitious students, presenting them with unparalleled opportunities to accomplish their unique goals. Starting this journey in the early years proves immensely beneficial for student engagement and optimal results in later years. Our PYP education in Salvador sets a robust foundation for success in subsequent IB Continuum Programs leading up to the Diploma. The IB opens doors to global opportunities, with the final stages granting access to the best universities and careers worldwide. Our graduates have the option to continue their IB education at Land School.

Benefits of Studying the IB From the Early Years

The Primary Years Program at Gurilandia adopts an inquiry-based, transdisciplinary curriculum framework. Tailored to students aged 3 to 11 years, this international program is a pioneer in future-focused education, employing educational best practices to address the challenges and opportunities of our globalized world.

With the PYP, students become active participants in their learning journey. This program enables children to develop the most in-demand skill set for the 21st century, namely practical knowledge based on real-life experiences, resilience, versatility, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, strong communication, and collaboration abilities. These skills, alongside bilingual proficiency in English and Portuguese, will be extremely useful for the successful completion of the subsequent IB programs and any other curricula. Additionally, our students will gain a competitive advantage on a global scale, advancing to the world's top universities and leading career fields.

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Why Choose Our IB School in Salvador, the State of Bahia?

Gurilandia was the first school in Northeast Brazil to offer the IB Primary Years Program and remains the only school in the state of Bahia providing the IB Continuum programs from the Primary Years onward. These programs provide students with a competitive edge in future outcomes, university admissions, and career opportunities worldwide. Upon graduating from Gurilandia, our pupils obtain two valuable certificates for their future: Brazilian Elementary Education and the IB Primary Years Program.

At our IB PYP school in Salvador, we nurture children’s minds, bodies, and souls, fostering academic excellence while supporting them to discover and refine their unique talents in sports, technology, and arts through our extensive extracurricular offerings.

Gurilandia is a member of Inspired Education, the leading global group of premium schools. Being part of this global community provides our students with exclusive benefits that no other school in the region can offer: best-proven educational practices, unlimited international opportunities (including exchange programs and summer camps worldwide), access to world-class resources, and hand-picked teachers.

IB School Bilingual Curriculum

IB Primary Years Programme

IB PYP students are encouraged to take the initiative and assume responsibility for their educational progress, practicing inquiry-based learning and continuous self-reflection.

Guided by six globally-relevant transdisciplinary themes, students reinforce their knowledge and competencies across, between, and beyond various subject areas. These transdisciplinary themes frame our bilingual curriculum and inspire different inquiries and projects. They provide authentic, real-life contexts, enabling students to ask questions, problem-solve, and develop important skills including research, effective communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Through reflection, students understand why their learning is important and gain the cognitive, emotional, and social tools to stay engaged in their education and excel.

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IB Subjects

As an international school with a Brazilian tradition and a bilingual curriculum, the education we provide covers a broad spectrum of relevant subjects that adapt to our local context. The Primary Years Program at Gurilandia offers English and Portuguese, Literacy, Mathematics, Social and Natural Sciences, P.E., Art, Theatre, Music, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence.

Students can follow the MYP and IBDP at Land School. The MYP builds upon their learning from the Primary Years stage, with a few extra options. As for the IB Diploma Program, students choose 6 subjects as part of their core curriculum, in addition to the 3 compulsory IBDP subjects outlined by the IBO awarding body.

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IB Teachers

Our highly skilled and motivated IB teachers from the Early Years to Primary provide an outstanding IB education, inspiring students to set high standards and challenging goals while supporting each one to accomplish them.

With high-quality professional development opportunities and access to the best teaching resources, our expert PYP educators are committed to lifelong learning and continuous improvement. They deliver the most engaging lessons and individualized pathways to fulfill the needs of every student. As a result, they inspire and motivate pupils to continue learning throughout their lives, striving for their personal best, and aiming for excellence in everything they do.

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The IB Learner Profile in the PYP

The IB Learner Profile embodies a broad spectrum of human qualities and responsibilities encompassing intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth. IB learners are Inquirers, Thinkers, Caring, Balanced, Knowledgeable, Open Minded, Risk-takers, Communicators, Reflective, and Principled. The cultivation of these profile attributes sets a robust foundation for also acquiring an international, hands-on, and entrepreneurial mindset, which will be key to students' success in their lives beyond school.

Within the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the IB Learner Profile permeates every facet of school life. All members of the learning community at Gurilandia share the responsibility of adhering to and demonstrating a commitment to the development of the IB Learner Profile. This approach nurtures students' self-awareness and openness to others, developing important 21st-century skills and a solid set of values.

How does the IB PYP differ from the MYP, DP and CP?

Unlike the other IB programs, the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) framework is transdisciplinary due to the unique way children in this age group learn. This means young students can connect different subjects, making learning flow seamlessly across and beyond traditional disciplines, breaking down disciplinary barriers, and exploring a more integrated, holistic understanding.

By contrast, the IB Middle Years Program, Diploma, and Career-related Programs are interdisciplinary, involving different subjects in their approaches. Students can still connect these subjects but they are not so deeply integrated as in the PYP.

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