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Pioneering Educational Excellence for 60+ Years

Open since 1960, our school boasts a rich legacy of academic excellence, incorporating proven best practices from educational institutions across the globe. Gurilandia offers the world-recognized IB Primary Years Program from the early years, alongside an exceptional bilingual education that will provide your child with unlimited possibilities in the future.

At Gurilandia, love and hospitality are the hallmarks of our education. We care about getting to know our students and their families well to help them discover their unique passions and talents while fostering an enhanced learning experience for every child. We are proud to have guided and inspired the dreams and aspirations of so many children over the years, seeing them grow up to become open-minded, creative, proactive, resilient, and successful individuals.

Our doors are always open to Brazilian and international families who wish to join our Early Years or Elementary School in Federação or Pituba campuses.

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Setting Our Students' Path to Success

Our educational program sets our students on a clear path to success by focusing on academic excellence, tradition and innovation, a global mindset, a bilingual education, arts, sports, emotional skills program, active methodologies, technology integration, the 4cs (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity & Critical Reflection), and a Spiral Curriculum approach.

Continuous assessment supports the success of our educational programs. We employ a variety of strategies to help our students understand how they can continue to improve, excel, and become self-adjusters by offering constant individual feedback.

Gurilandia focuses on a practical approach to learning. Classes are always interactive and students learn by doing - they explore and tackle both local and global challenges and use their creativity to work on solutions. We help them connect proven academic disciplines with different areas of study, in a multidisciplinary approach.


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A History Spanning over Six Decades

Gurilandia School was founded in 1960 following educator Vera Maria Pinho Teixeira's dream to apply her solid teaching experience in preparing new generations of students for a lifelong love of learning.

Over the years, the school grew and evolved to become an educational reference in Brazil, committed to preparing students to tackle challenges with knowledge, wisdom and open-mindedness.

As it embraced new opportunities, Gurilandia became an international, bilingual institution, holding the world-renowned International Baccalaureate certification, while maintaining its core principles and values from Brazilian education. In 2022, our school joined the Inspired Education Group, becoming part of a global community of more than 110 premium schools around the world.


Foundation of Gurilandia School.


Bilingual teaching begins at our school.


IB World Certification: Gurilandia joins a select group of schools around the world authorized to offer the IB Primary Years Program. We are the first school in northeast Brazil to offer the PYP program.


Land School is founded to ensure a seamless educational journey for students transitioning from Gurilandia upon completing their 5th Grade, keeping with our high standards of academic excellence.


Gurilandia International School joins Escola Eleva Global Schools.


Inauguration of the second Gurilandia campus in the Pituba neighborhood.


Gurilandia International School joins the Inspired Education Group, becoming part of a global community of first-class schools.

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An Education to Succeed Globally

Gurilandia is a certified IB World School. As such, it offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) for students aged 3 to 11, from Early Childhood Education to 5th Grade.

The IB Organization is globally recognized for providing excellent quality education through internationally challenging programs and rigorous assessment, preparing students to compete on a global scale. The IB framework is student-focused and seeks to develop the intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to successfully live, learn, and work in a globalized world, including an entrepreneurial mindset. The IB offers unlimited opportunities to students, from entering the best universities worldwide to working in their dream career fields.

Students graduating from Gurilandia can seamlessly continue their IB education in Land School or any IB World school around the globe, obtaining an internationally respected certification for university entrance. Together, our schools offer the only IB Continuum pathway in Bahia from 3 to 18 years old, with excellent outcomes.

Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Mission


Our mission is to prepare students for life through a top-quality education, making them critical-thinking citizens with a sense of community, ethical values, and multicultural awareness.

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Our Vision


We aim to develop generations of change agents capable of achieving personal and professional fulfillment with ethical and social responsibility.

Our Values

Our values include Knowledge, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility:

Knowledge: We provide a curriculum that will help students improve and develop their strengths and passions, leading them to achieve higher academic goals.

Integrity: Faculty, staff, and students strive to exhibit behaviors that always reflect valuable moral principles and honesty in every aspect of campus life.

Respect: Students develop this virtue through involvement with the community and by performing varied community service activities.

Responsibility: Our community takes responsibility for its actions, choices, and learning in a safe and encouraging environment.

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