Group 1 to 4TH year


Love and hospitality are the hallmarks of our school. The doors are always open to receive Brazilian or foreign families from Group 1.

International Curriculum International Curriculum

Our pedagogical proposal includes international learning framework, visible thinking techniques and bilingual academic language in several disciplines.

Classroom mobility Classroom mobility

Our furniture brings flexibility and dynamism to the classroom routine. The teacher can organize the classroom in different ways, enhancing collaboration and teamwork.

Responsibility and Social Action Responsibility and Social Action

Our teaching proposal has a strong commitment to the ethical education of students. We seek to train agents of change, committed to social transformation.

Dual Preparation Dual Preparation

Our curriculum provides guidance in careers in Brazil and abroad and also facilitates exchange program among the best schools in the world.

Campus for Future Education Campus for Future Education

The school's architectural structure brings the demands of the curriculum closer together, focusing on 21st century skills, with natural elements such as the sky, plants and the earth.

Art, Culture and Design Art, Culture and Design

Creative expressions are fundamental in our curriculum. We believe that music, drama, dance and visual arts are extensive manifestations of learning.

Internal and External Evaluation Internal and External Evaluation

Our entire curriculum is constantly assessed by national and international bodies.

Academic Excellence Academic Excellence

A demanding school, with focus and discipline. We work in a contextualized way so that the student can connect what they are studying to what they live in.

Emotional Education Emotional Education

At Land, emotional education is as important to student development as academic development. We cultivate skills that are essential to the student's personal success and professional achievement.

Multilingualism Multilingualism

We are a Brazilian school. We speak Portuguese and English in Kindergarten and Elementary School . We add French or Spanish in Middle school and High School.

Digital Fluency Digital Fluency

Land School's curriculum focuses on digital literacy, follows technological developments and the way they have impacted the world.

Elective Subjects Elective Subjects

We offer students from the 9th grade, a set of optional subjects in English and Portuguese to expand their training.

International Education


In line with the IB (International Baccalaureate), Gurilândia International School aims to develop intercultural understanding and respect. Our students are trained to help create a better and more peaceful world. This is reflected in the ten attributes of the profile of the IB community.