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Recognized as a top-tier school in Salvador for Early Childhood Education (TOP of Mind Award), Gurilandia International School is the only institution in the state of Bahia to offer the globally-recognized IB Continuum programs, which provide countless benefits for your child’s holistic development and future success in academics and beyond.

With over 60 years of experience, Gurilandia has been a leader in Early Years and Elementary education. Our bilingual schools in Salvador seamlessly blend the strengths of traditional Brazilian curricula with the IB pathway, while incorporating the most innovative and effective methodologies from around the world.

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A Foundation for Extraordinary Success

With two state-of-the-art campuses boasting purpose-built facilities, we provide a rewarding experience for every student, and an extensive extracurricular program to discover and cultivate their talents. At Gurilandia, your child will receive a global education that can set the foundation for extraordinary success in the following academic stages.

Two Bilingual Schools in Salvador to Maximize Each Student's Potential

Gurilandia families can choose between two fantastic locations in Salvador, Bahia: Federação and Pituba. Both campuses feature premium facilities and provide a welcoming, loving environment for every student.

Upon graduating from Grade 5, students from Gurilandia will progress directly into Land School to continue their IB pathway and Brazilian education.

Why Choose Our Bilingual Schools in Salvador, Bahia?

By choosing Gurilandia International School, your child will become bilingual in English and Portuguese, grow up with solid values, and develop the most in-demand skill set for a successful future.

Our private schools in Salvador, Bahia, incorporate some of the leading educational methodologies from around the world, including Singapore Mathematics and Reading and Writing Workshops from New York's Columbia University. These, together with the Brazilian curriculum and the IB Primary Years Program, create an outstanding learning experience for every child, preparing them to excel in the following school years.

Our comprehensive curriculum prioritizes excellence in academics, sports, arts, and technology, with children benefiting from Emotional Intelligence classes to effectively balance their learning and emotions. By placing equal emphasis on all pillars of growth, Gurilandia students develop as well-rounded and fulfilled individuals, capable of tackling any challenges in their studies, personal lives, and future careers.

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Infinite Future Opportunities

The IB & Brazilian curricula ensure our students have access to unlimited global opportunities, opening doors to leading universities & careers worldwide

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International Mindset & Bilingual Education

Our students become bilingual, gain future-ready skills & develop a global mindset that enables them to stand out & excel anywhere in the world

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Maximizing Students' Talents

Children benefit from modern, purpose-built facilities to discover their interests & refine unique talents in an extensive & enriching extracurricular offer

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Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Learners acquire key 21st-century skills like emotional intelligence, adaptability, entrepreneurship, resilience, critical thinking, leadership, collaboration & communication.

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An Inspired School

Our bilingual school in Salvador is a proud member of Inspired. Inspired Education is a leading global group of premium schools offering world-class education to more than 80,000 students in over 110 schools across 24 countries. Inspired provides best-proven practices in education, offering inspiring, cutting-edge programs in academics, sports, and the arts.

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